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Grant County Acquittals

My client was acquitted of all charges (which included a charge of Attempted Murder) in Grant County Superior Court on Thursday. I have probably tried about 20 cases in Grant County Superior Court but this year is the first time I tried a case to the bench (and not a jury) in Grant County. The main issue in the case was identity and among the concerns for proceeding with a jury trial was that my client’s membership in a gang might not go over well with a jury. My client did not testify at the trial. If there is a lesson from this case is that not every case should be heard by a jury and not every case should your client testify.

I have since posting this article concluded my second bench trial in Grant County. In this case identity was also the central issue and in this case my client also elected not to testify. The top charge in this case was Murder in the First Degree although if my client had been convicted of Manslaughter he would have received a life sentence as he had two prior strike convictions. To make a long story (and to summarize a long trial) short, my 27 year old client (Ismael Ortiz, Jr.) was acquitted of all charges.


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